Ease your pain at home

With the
B-Cure Laser

Easy & Safe

Max 6 Mins Twice Daily

Proven Efficacy

Product Range

B-Cure Laser Pro

B-Cure Laser Pro is the most advanced model – more power per treatment. 

24 Months Warranty
Express Free Shipping
Flexible Stand Included

£869.00 (inc VAT)

B-Cure Laser Classic

For the treatment of chronic and acute pain, and easy to use for home use.

12 Months Warranty
Free Shipping
5 Days Shipping

£549.00 (inc VAT)


Proven Efficacy

Clinically proven efficacy for treating acute and chronic pain, orthopaedic conditions, sports injuries and wounds.


For use by all family members of all ages, without the need for protective goggles.

Easy To Use

Thanks to its compact, lightweight shape, the B-Cure Laser Device allows you to treat your pain in the comfort of your home.

No Known Side Effects

With long lasting results, with as little as a few minutes use, twice a day.

Cost Effective

One medical device that helps the whole family.


The treatment uses a low level of light to stimulate healing. There is no cutting, splicing or piercing of the body whatsoever.

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Who We Are

B-Cure Laser is based on LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) technology that treats acute and chronic pain and may treat its source effectively.

B-Cure Laser’s efficacy and safety was proven in several double-blind studies, all of which confirmed its clinical value. Thanks to its compact, lightweight shape, you can treat yourselves anytime and anywhere!

A home-use medical device that provides a solution for the whole family!

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