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Suffering from an injury or pain and fed up with looking for a treatment to relieve the pain?

When we suffer from pain, we will do almost anything to find a treatment that will really work. The problem is that the market is full of options including creams, pills, treatments and devices that promise to solve our problem. However – our expectations are not always met. However, there is a scientifically proven and effective device. Customers around the globe have been buying it for years, to assist with pain management and alleviation. It is now available in the UK and you can receive it at home and try it out for a trial period, at an “easy-on-the- pocket” price.

Orthopaedic pains are often among those bothersome pains, which are difficult to understand exactly where they stem from and how to treat them. Many of us take pain-relieving pills, apply creams, and try physiotherapy treatments. If these do not help, we turn to other solutions. We will do everything possible to relieve the pain and to return to our normal, healthy and pain-free routines.

The problem is that all these solutions usually cost a considerable amount of money. What’s more, with the current range the market offers, not to mention a myriad of opinions we hear from people around us, it is difficult to understand what the best solution worth investing in is, and what might really solve our ongoing pain. This is why, many people are reluctant to “gamble” and try different options that may or may not solve the problem, and the choice not to choose, can cause frustration and despair.

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      B-Cure Laser: The game changer of pain management at home around the world!

      Let us solve your dilemma, and introduce you to a revolutionary device in the field of pain management. Yes, we know that you might be thinking now: “…here’s another optional solution to add to the growing pile…” Do not worry from an expensive purchase that won’t help, because B-Cure Laser offers you the chance to experience this novel device at a price suited to anyone.
      But before we get to the fine print…

      What is B-Cure Laser?

      The B-Cure Laser is a safe and portable device, easy to use at home, to treat pain, inflammation and wounds. Since its launch about 10 years ago, the B-Cure Laser has become a “must-have” device in every home.
      It uses soft laser technology. The laser penetrates through the skin to the depths of the tissues, stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms and releases endorphins that help relieve pain. The B-Cure enables anyone to undergo soft laser treatment at home, instead of in a medical clinic.

      The treatment is gentle, non-invasive and without side effects. Another significant advantage is the ease of treatment. The B-Cure Laser treatment is short and simple, and lasts six minutes for each treatment point, twice a day – in the comfort of home on a sofa, chair or in bed. To sum it up, the B-Cure Laser is one of those things you should keep in a drawer for any relevant event that may arise.


      From injuries to Acute  pain and inflammation: the pains that the device treats

      The device offers extensive and comprehensive treatment for a wide range of physical problems and pains, such as lower and upper back pain, knee pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint-related pain (TMJ) and more. Apart from treating orthopaedic pain, B-Cure Laser is also suitable for treating burns, scars and hard-to-heal wounds. The device also treats wounds, pressure sores, diabetic wounds and ulcers. The device’s efficacy has been proven in five different clinical studies conducted at universities in Italy, Russia, and Brazil.

      Prof. Reis, a senior orthopaedic surgeon, recommends the B-Cure Laser as an effective primary treatment at home, for symptoms of pain and inflammation (such as back and knee pain) before and during administration of medication.

      “In recent years, we are witnessing a great increase in awareness of this technology, and as evidence, the American Medical Association recommends laser treatment and the use of clinics has increased steadily. Normal life can be restored.” 

      Ms M. Ormstrom posted the following on Facebook :

      “I suffered chronic pain, due to spondylitis in my neck, until I discovered B-cure laser. I had tried quite a few strong painkillers, but apart from the fact I don’t like taking pills, the side effects were dreadful! Now I can have a short session with my laser, and I can actually feel the pain dissolving, so to speak, while I’m using it! I can’t recommend it highly enough, nor the service I received from the company! Money well spent!”


      Try B-Cure at an easy price

      B-Cure understands your dilemma and the fear of purchasing expensive devices or treatments that will not make a difference. Therefore, they offer you the opportunity to try the B-Cure Laser device for 30 days. You will be able to get to know the device, test it and use it to treat the painful areas. If after use, you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the device without any problem.

      The option to try the device is provided to eliminate the fear that many customers have, after having had promises and treatments that over the years have not helped them with their pain.
      Now, you should have no reason left to continue to suffer and live with the pain, without trying the device.

      There is no reason to continue living with pain! The most effective soft laser, the home-use device in the world can be in your home for a trial. Just leave your details and a B-Cure Laser consultant will get back to you for a no-obligation consultation.


      Clinical studies prove the positive impact of low level laser technology in the treatment of pain, orthopedic conditions, inflammation, sports injuries and wounds. Over 2,000 publications – including more than 100 double-blind studies – have backed the efficacy of low level laser therapy.

      B-Cure Laser’s efficacy for the treatment of pain and wounds has been proven in five double blind clinical trials.
      five other clinical trials are in process.

      Joint-Related Pain (TMJ), Sapienza University in Rome, Italy

      Clinical trial of 90 patients (30 B-Cure active Laser, 30 placebo, 30 pain relief medication) affected by Joint-Related Pain (TMJ).
      The results:

      The double blind clinical trial , involving 90 patients, has shown a significant pain reduction in the active group vs the B-Cure Placebo Laser . Significance –  p<0.01

      Pain reduction of the active group was not different than the drug group.

      Published in: Cranio, April 2019


      Post Laminectomy, Beneficência of Sao Paulo Hospital, Brazil

      The results showed a decrease of temperature, drainage output, pain relief and accelerated healing in laser group. Significance –  p<0.001 (pain).

      The decrease of temperature is an objective measurement ,which further supports the efficacy.

      Published in: American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 2014. (Submission in process)


      Dental Implantations, Health Care Institution of Perm, Russia

      The use of original LLLT techniques in prevention and treatment regimens before and after dental implantation significantly reduces the frequency and intensity of the pain symptom. Significance –  p<0.01.The results showed a decrease of temperature, drainage output, pain relief and accelerated healing in laser group. Significance –  p<0.001 (pain).


      Joint-Related Pain (TMJ), University of Parma, Italy

      A 50% decrease in pain level within two weeks, compared to 8% within the control group.
      Published in: The “Laser Therapy”, March 2015.



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