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Handheld laser therapy device for chronic pain launched in UK

B-Cure Laser, a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) device that enables sufferers of chronic pain to relieve their own pain has been launched in the UK.

With 76% of B-Cure Laser users no longer suffering from intolerable pain, the handheld, portable, non-invasive LLLT device has helped people suffering from chronic pain across North America, Europe, and Asia.

More than 250,000 devices have been sold globally, and with 28 million people in the UK suffering from chronic pain, the device will offer an at-home, alternative treatment option.

B-Cure Laser 2.jpgOmer Stein Photography
A study into chronic pain in the UK by Dr Alan Fayaz reported that chronic pain prevalence rises steadily with increasing age, impacting up to 62% of the population aged 75 and above. Also summarising severe pain, the report stated that 14.2% (7.9 million people) of the population may be moderately or severely limited by the pain.

Itay Avni, the UK Manager at B-Cure Laser, said: “Chronic pain is an historic curse that we now have a technologically-advanced solution for. Our laser therapy is revolutionising the treatment of chronic pain. With our device, the consumer can take better care of themselves and their families by treating the pain at home. B-Cure Laser can treat numerous illnesses that are currently mostly treatable in medical facilities, including lower and upper back pain, knee and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

“More than 250,000 people have benefitted from our devices globally and we are thrilled to be widening its availability to people across the UK.”

A series of clinical trials have been run on the product. B-Cure Laser’s pilot study, conducted by the Department of Biomedical, Biotechnological and Translational Sciences at the University of Parma, found that the study group’s pain levels were significantly reduced following the laser treatment. With the group showing an average pain rating score of 6 at the start of the study on a scale where zero is no pain and 10 is intolerable pain, the group’s score dropped to 2.92 on the scale one week after treatment, and 2.58 after two weeks.

A subsequent study at the University of Rome saw 90 people split into three groups. One group was treated with the B-Cure Laser, another was treated with opioids, and a third was treated with a lookalike B-Cure Laser but had no beam.

The results found that those who took the opioids and those that used the B-Cure Laser had the same result of pain reduction, but with B-Cure Laser having the advantage of having no detrimental impact on a person’s organs.

Dr David Ben Kiki has been a chiropractor in Israel for 37 years and welcomes B-Cure’s introduction to the UK’s laser treatment market.

He said: “I remember when a laser took up a whole room, a person needed to be on a bed, and everyone else needed to leave the room. The results that I’ve got for people with sprains, knee injuries, low back pain, sacroiliitis, and TMJ syndrome has been amazing.

“A few weeks ago, I had a patient come in with severe low back pain, especially in the sacroiliac joint. A lot of the work I did with her, the chiropractic work, helped, but the one thing that she came in for just wasn’t releasing. I used the B-Cure Laser on that visit with her, about six minutes. She got up from the table and said, ‘I feel like Novocain was injected into the joint, it’s numb, I don’t feel it, I have no pain’.

“She bought the B-Cure Laser and has been using it religiously every day and she’s living without pain.”

More than 250,000 devices have been sold across 20 countries, with the LLLT treatment pulsing near infrared 808 nanometre Ga-Al-As (Gallium-Aluminium-Arsenide) diode laser over a 4cm2 area to provide pain relief and wound healing acceleration.

Great Britain’s double World Judo Championships medallist Nekoda Smythe-Davis has seen the sporting benefit.

She said: “This device is amazing, helps me with my pain instantly. It is so quick and easy to use! It has been approved by my physio so I have no worries and I hope to recover quicker due to this device.”

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